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Retail Supplier Billing: What are your options?

With retail electric supply, customers have many choices when it comes to suppliers, products and services. You also have a […]

June 28, 2019

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Capacity Costs – What Factors Make Up Your Total Cost?

Many of our customers experience benefits by participating in AEP Energy programs that help them manage their capacity. In r […]

June 05, 2019

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Energy Load Management: How to understand the value and strategies of managing your load to benefit your business.

In our previous issue of Customer Insights, we introduced the concept of selecting the right energy product by understanding […]

April 24, 2019

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Energy Data Analytics: How to understand your business’ energy use and select a product that works for you

Every business, from a large industrial plant to a single- room small business, needs energy to operate and thrive. So, it’s […]

April 17, 2019

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Solar Projects: How Cost Effective Are They?

December 2018 Edition:  Solar Projects:  How Cost Effective Are They? Solar continues to become more affordable […]

January 10, 2019

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