Pack Healthy Snacks for the Whole Family

As part of our power of positive energy focus for 2016, we’ve compiled a list of some delicious and healthy snack ideas for weekend trips and school lunches!

Confetti Salad – You won’t find any lettuce in this salad! The light salad calls for corn, zucchini, tomatoes, bell peppers, scallions, and Italian salad dressing. Try this version from or try your own!
Fruit Kabobs – Slice up your favorite fruit and place them on skewers for a great grab-and-go snack. Blogger Stephanie Lynn used layers of strawberries, bananas, mango, papaya, kiwi but you can use anything you’d like! Or try an alternative fruit snack, Melon Swizzlers, which can be found here.
Simple Sandwiches – Sandwiches are quick and easy! Don’t feel like you have to settle for your standard PB&J or turkey sandwich. Get creative and try something new like this turkey, apple, cheddar, and arugula panini or this egg white and avocado sandwich.
No Bake Energy Bites – These sweet treats are easy to make and transport. They’re primarily made up of oatmeal, peanut butter, and honey. The recipe also calls for flaxseed and coconut flakes, but you can substitute those ingredients with dried fruit and crushed cereal. Mix all of the ingredients together, add some vanilla extract and chocolate chips to satisfy your sweet tooth, chill, roll into balls and enjoy! You can view the full recipe here.
Try one (or all) of these the next time you pack a meal for your family! If you have a favorite recipe, share it with us! No matter what you pack to eat, get outdoors and remember to enjoy each other’s company!
Smashed Peas and Carrots
By Stephanie Lynn
Cookin Canuck
A Latte Food
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