Making a Difference: AEP Energy Field Sales Stories

At AEP Energy, we believe a good customer experience makes a difference, and even during these unprecedented times, we have the ability to make a positive impact on our customers and our communities. In this blog, we highlight one of our valued team members and how she makes a difference in the communities she serves.

Meet Amber Lawrence, Residential Field Sales Energy Advisor


Amber has been part of the AEP Energy family for almost 2 years. She recently shared with us the story of one of her best days.

It was back in November of 2020 when Amber was out in the community. She knocked on the door of a woman who switched to another supply company during a difficult time. “We were at a time when our team was able to safely be in the community strictly following COVID 19 guidelines, which weren’t hard to follow since we have always had a policy to not enter people’s homes. When I started talking with the customer, she mentioned to me that her bill had already been behind due to being off work because of an injury,” recalled Amber. The representative who came to her door had assured her that they would be able to give her a lower rate and a lower bill, so she enrolled even though she didn’t really understand what she was signing.

Amber took the time to go over her electric and natural gas bill with her, explaining it in detail. She was being charged a rate that was triple the amount of what AEP Energy could offer her. Amber took the time to help find an available rate that was significantly lower than what she was being charged, explained what it meant to switch suppliers and also that she would be served by an AEP company with extensive experience. “She expressed several times how thankful she was that I came to her door and that I was with a reputable company like AEP Energy because she didn’t know how to fix her bill,” said Amber.

At AEP Energy, our core values matter. Doing the right thing. Transparency. Innovation. Providing a good customer experience. Making a difference. Powering a brighter future for our customers and our communities. From the top of the leadership team all the way down to the newest employee, these values are instilled in each of us. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our team, you can find all available openings here.

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