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Capacity Costs – What Factors Make Up Your Total Cost?

Customer Insights

Many of our customers experience benefits by participating in AEP Energy programs that help them manage their capacity. In recent editions of Customer Insights, we’ve explained that passing through capacity charges can be beneficial to customers looking to lower overall capacity costs by paying the true cost for capacity minus risk premiums. When considering capacity …

Energy Load Management: How to understand the value and strategies of managing your load to benefit your business.

Customer Insights

In our previous issue of Customer Insights, we introduced the concept of selecting the right energy product by understanding your energy data and working with our experienced sales team. Energy data tools provide a lot of information about how your business uses electricity. However, taking this knowledge a step further provides critical information that can …

Solar Projects: How Cost Effective Are They?

Customer Insights

December 2018 Edition:  Solar Projects:  How Cost Effective Are They? Solar continues to become more affordable year over year. Financial incentives, decreased prices and financing options are the main motivators. If your business is considering solar, in this edition of Customer Insights, we’ll explore these motivators and more to help you in your decision making …

Transmission Services Overview

Customer Insights

November 2018 Edition:  Transmission Services Overview Transmission of electricity from power generators to energy end users forms the core of our electric grid. Costs incurred for transmission service and reliability represent a key price component of energy bills for consumers. In this edition of Customer Insights, our experts will explain how transmission will affect your company’s …

Considering LED Lighting? Here’s What You Should Know

Customer Insights

October 2018 Edition:  Considering LED Lighting?  Here’s What You Should Know Lighting is a significant contributor to your electricity usage, even in the middle of the day. Most businesses have interior lights on during operating hours, contributing up to 30% of your energy load during a summer peak. While the most effective way to reduce …

Energy Storage: What is it and why is it important for my business?

Customer Insights

September 2018 Edition:  Energy Storage: What is it and why is it important for my business? Energy storage is many things to many different people.  For commercial and industrial companies, energy storage is a versatile tool that offers more control over energy costs. Specifically, battery energy storage systems (BESS) have the ability to target specific demand-based charges …

Transformer Ownership: What is the value of owning your own transformer?

Customer Insights

June 2018 Edition:  Transformer Ownership: What is the value of owning your own transformer? Are you the energy manager or decision maker of a large commercial or industrial facility? Then transformer ownership might be something worth considering because, in most cases, it reduces your service voltage rate. By reducing your service voltage rate, this may …

Transmission Congestion: How does this affect your energy price?

Customer Insights

May 2018 Edition: Transmission Congestion: How does this affect your energy price? As an energy buyer, you may have heard terms such as Transmission Congestion, Marginal Losses, Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs), and Auction Revenue Rights (ARRs). In this edition, our experts will provide a high-level dive and how these components affect your energy price. Let’s begin with understanding …