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The Evolving Electricity Generation Mix

Customer Insights

As we navigate uncertain times in our economy, we become more aware of the importance of basic needs, like electricity. Times of uncertainty can shine a spotlight on the concerns and priorities that will drive future planning decisions for businesses and for our electric grid. Resiliency, reliability and cost effectiveness guide the planning of electricity …

Levelized Cost of Energy: How Can This Benefit You?

Customer Insights

As an energy buyer, you have choices when it comes to how you interact with the energy market. Understanding the fundamental risks and trends in energy generation can help you gauge risk and position your approach in a way that’s best for your organization, however often that’s easier said than done.   In today’s rapidly …

An Integrated, Holistic Approach Addresses New Needs For Customers

Customer Insights

Integrated energy services solutions are poised to address emerging commercial and industrial customer needs by evaluating and assessing opportunities in different domains through a total energy management approach. Today, many commercial and industrial facilities, as well as energy and sustainability managers, face a variety of new energy and sustainability management options and demands. The variety …

PJM and MISO: What You Should Know

Customer Insights

The energy industry is evolving and complicated. As traditional coal-fired generation retires and new renewable energy takes its place, market administrators of wholesale power and grid operators must rethink methodologies to ensure reliability. The Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) and PJM Interconnection (PJM), are both operators of regional transmission systems and provide access to wholesale …

Energy Storage: What’s the latest update?

Customer Insights

Many businesses today are turning to solar energy to power their facilities. Renewable energy is clean and good for the environment, but what happens when the sun isn’t shining? One solution is pairing your renewable energy asset with a battery energy storage system (BESS). Energy storage is a versatile tool that can meet your energy …

Natural Gas: What’s in Store for the Remainder of 2019 and Beyond

Customer Insights

If you’re in charge of purchasing power for your business, you know how important it is to stay on top of energy trends. In this edition of Customer Insights, we’ll look at the specific demand drivers of natural gas and how these may impact natural gas prices this upcoming winter and beyond. There are several …

Regulatory News: What’s going on with PJM’s BRA and House Bill 6?

Customer Insights

Recently, there have been stories published in the media focusing on two significant regulatory news items: PJM’s Base Residual Auction (BRA) and Ohio’s House Bill (HB) 6. In this edition of Customer Insights, our regulatory experts dive deep into these issues to bring you the latest developments. Our experts explain how PJM’s BRA postponement and …

Fuel Cells: Do they make sense for your business?

Customer Insights

In our previous edition of Customer Insights, we introduced our integrated approach offered by the AEP family of companies. Together, AEP Energy and AEP OnSite Partners work with you to provide a complete behind-the-meter (BTM) energy solution package for your business. Last month we described the various BTM systems available such as solar, battery storage, …

Behind-the-Meter Generation: Is it for you?

Customer Insights

Today, businesses like yours are looking for ways to reduce energy spend while achieving goals and managing energy consumption. One way to do that is with behind-the-meter (BTM) generation. If you own your building or land, BTM generation might be the right fit for your business. The AEP family of companies offers a comprehensive suite …