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The Renewable Energy Landscape

Customer Insights

We are currently experiencing a period of dramatic growth in renewable energy. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that from 2019 to 2021 the share of total U.S. electricity coming from renewable energy will grow from 17% to 22%. The biggest reason for the surge in renewable development is cost (see our recent Customer …

PJM’s Capacity Market: What Is MOPR?

Customer Insights

If you’re an energy buyer for a facility located in PJM, you’ve likely heard the term “MOPR” a time or two. In this edition of Customer Insights we’ll explain the meaning of MOPR and how PJM’s pending capacity market could impact your business. First, let’s begin with a brief history. In June 2018, the Federal …

Combined Heat and Power: What It Is and How Your Organization Could Benefit

Customer Insights

Today, businesses are looking for ways to reduce energy usage and utilize technology to produce energy in a sustainable manner. In this edition of Customer Insights, we’ll explore combined heat and power (CHP). Our subject matter expert, Juan Alvarez, Business Development Director for AEP OnSite Partners, will explain this concept, how this process works and …

Using Innovative Financing Solutions to Enable Energy Efficiency and Technology Projects

Customer Insights

Organizations can achieve cost savings and advance their energy sustainability objectives by utilizing the right energy efficiency and technology as project funding solutions. In the current environment, all organizations are pressed to identify and capture new cost savings opportunities, while also enhancing the sustainability of their operations. Reducing energy consumption and demand represents a logical …

FERC Approves PJM Reserve Pricing Reforms

Customer Insights

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved sweeping changes to PJM’s reserve products on May 21, 2020 in a filing called “Enhanced Price Formation in Reserve Markets of PJM Interconnection.” In this edition of Customer Insights, we’ll discuss key changes to the reserve products, plus the cost implications to reserves, energy and capacity. PJM is a dispatch operator …

Basic Hedging Strategies – Best Practices You Should Know

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How much of my future energy requirements should I hedge forward? When is the right time to make these hedges? Which product structures should I employ to best manage my energy costs and risks? All energy buyers face these questions when developing and implementing the strategies to meet their organizations’ energy purchasing objectives: long-term cost …

Integrated Renewable Energy – A Simpler Renewable Solution

Customer Insights

Organizations across the globe are looking to integrate clean energy commitments as part of their business plans. Whether it’s driven by expressed interest from shareholders and tax payers, concerns around environmental impact or a desire to keep up with the competition, organizations find the need for renewable and sustainability goals greater than ever before. Last …

The Evolving Electricity Generation Mix

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As we navigate uncertain times in our economy, we become more aware of the importance of basic needs, like electricity. Times of uncertainty can shine a spotlight on the concerns and priorities that will drive future planning decisions for businesses and for our electric grid. Resiliency, reliability and cost effectiveness guide the planning of electricity …

Levelized Cost of Energy: How Can This Benefit You?

Customer Insights

As an energy buyer, you have choices when it comes to how you interact with the energy market. Understanding the fundamental risks and trends in energy generation can help you gauge risk and position your approach in a way that’s best for your organization, however often that’s easier said than done.   In today’s rapidly …