AEP Energy Values: Transparency

AEP Energy operates under a series of core values that guide our business. Transparency is at the top of the list. We believe that transparency is the key to trust and that trust is at the base of a good customer experience. This blog outlines a few of the ways we are transparent with our customers and our community.

No hidden fees – At AEP Energy, the offer you see and sign up for is the offer you get. We don’t believe in hidden fees found only in the fine print of your contract or unexpectedly on your bill.

No introductory rates – All of our customers matter, from those who are just about to become part of the family to the loyal ones who’ve been with us for years. Everyone has access to the same great offers in their service territory. We also won’t offer a low introductory rate that jumps up unexpectedly during your term. The offer you enroll on is locked in until you renew with us.

No early termination fees – AEP Energy doesn’t believe in penalizing you for dropping enrollment with us, for any reason. If you have to leave us before your term is up, we will be sad to see you go, but won’t pin you with an early termination fee.

Renewal reminders – When your term is about to end, we will remind you it’s time to renew or re-enroll your account. You’ll have access to the same great offers as our first-time customers, too, because loyalty and a great customer experience matter.

100 years of energy experience – As a wholly owned subsidiary of our parent company, American Electric Power (AEP), we are part of a family with and have access to over 100 years of energy experience. AEP has survived through two World Wars and the Great Recession, and you can count on us to power through for many years to come.

Contacting us is easy – AEP Energy wants to make sure you get the assistance you need when you need it. There are several convenient ways you can reach us with your energy service questions, including by phone, email, chat, social media, fax and mail. For more information about our contact methods, click here. In the case of a power outage or gas leak in your area, or requests for emergency service or repair, please contact your local utility company.

What our customers have to say – What better way to be transparent than hearing it straight from our customers? Here are just a few of the testimonials from our satisfied customers:

“AEP Energy will remind you when your contract is up. I had other companies not tell me and double my rate and was stuck with it for several months until I got transferred to a new company. Been with AEP Energy for years now. Never any problems.” – Brian D, OH Residential Customer

“We needed to select a generation supplier of electricity for our church. AEP Energy provided the best fixed rate for a three-year period. The consultant that we worked with was thorough and prompt with all communications. Very pleased with our contract and service.” – Pam O, PA Small Business Customer

AEP Energy is proud to be a transparent and ethical certified retail electricity and natural gas supplier! Energy choice gives you the power to choose a custom plan with a price, term and renewable or traditional energy options to fit your needs. To see if we serve your community, check here.

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