AEP Energy Partners With Columbus Dispatch In New Energy Marketing Program

Columbus, Ohio, July 30, 2013  AEP Energy, a competitive retail electric service provider, has entered into a special partnership with The Columbus Dispatch to offer Central Ohioans a chance to win “Free Electricity for a Year.” This first-time collaboration also includes electricity discounts and subscriptions to The Columbus Dispatch.
“AEP Energy is in the business of finding value for our customers by lowering their electricity costs and adding value with creative partnerships,” said Frank Willson, vice president, marketing, AEP Energy. “This program does both.”
The companies are jointly promoting the sweepstakes through a multimedia campaign that will last through September. The winner will receive a $1,500 pre-paid gift card, which is intended to represent an average residential household&rsquos annual electricity cost. Official rules are available at
The combined offer includes a price of 6.49 cents per kWh through the May 2014 billing cycle for new customers of AEP Energy. It also invites new subscribers to try a free month of the Sunday edition of The Columbus Dispatch with home delivery.
“This kind of an offer, and the accompanying sweepstakes, is an extension of the kind of coupons, deals and values that The Columbus Dispatch features on or within its pages every Sunday,” said Phil Pikelny, vice president of Dispatch Digital and Chief Marketing Officer at The Dispatch Printing Co. “We are proud to be partnering with AEP Energy on this program.”
Partnerships like this one with The Columbus Dispatch provide a unique way for AEP Energy to build relationships and benefit customers at the same time.
AEP Energy is a certified Retail Electric Service (CRES) provider that supplies electricity to business and residential customers in Illinois, Ohio and other deregulated electricity markets. AEP Energy also offers energy solutions, including demand response and energy efficiency services, nationwide. More information about AEP Energy is available at

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