Get fixed price protection with AEP Energy.

As energy prices continue to fluctuate, if your natural gas plan is not a fixed rate, the price you pay may change every month. You have the power to select a fixed price plan from AEP Energy to secure your gas supply price, so you don’t pay more than you have to for it.

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    Hassle-free switching gets you protected energy rates, loyalty rewards and much more.
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    Discover how AEP Energy can create a custom energy supply plan that meets your unique business needs.
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You’re in for some powerful perks.
  • Receive competitive pricing based on current market rates

  • utility service

    Keep the same reliable service and get fixed price protection

  • Get the peace of mind that comes with always knowing what you’re paying

Ohio residents can choose who supplies their energy.

Ohio has a deregulated energy market. That means the old days of monopolies, high prices, and low-quality service are gone. It also means you have choice, which means more options for where you get your energy, how much you pay for it and the options that come with it.

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I was very happy to learn that AEP Energy has a 100% green energy option at a VERY competitive rate. In fact, my rate for the coming year was lower than the previous year. I know others who are looking for a green energy option and I am going to be sure they check out AEP Energy! Everyone should sign up for 100% green energy.

Peggy B. Residential Customer

The prices are great with no early penalty. The renewal process was simple and I love the fact I got prior notice that my contract was ending.

Mark B. Residential Customer

I have been an AEP Energy customer for electricity for two years. When my contract was expiring, I went to compare AEP Energy prices and terms to other suppliers. AEP Energy had the best prices with no cancellation fees. After researching, I ended up adding AEP Energy as my Natural Gas provider as well. The phone specialist was helpful and answered all of my questions.

Cathy P. Residential Customer

I have been an AEP Energy customer at my residence for the past three years; this is the reason I choose AEP Energy for my business. I have found the honesty and integrity of this company is impeccable!

Gerald L. Small Business Customer

The sales rep was not pushy and was knowledgeable. The prices were the lowest I found while researching. The process of switching over was very simple.

Kyla P. Small Business Customer