5 Questions to Keep in Mind When Selecting an Energy Supplier

Partnering with a retail energy supplier allows you to take control of your business’ energy supply, but finding the right supplier can be challenging. Here are five questions to consider when looking for a new supplier:

  1. Does the energy supplier service your area?
    Wherever your business is located, there’s a utility that provides energy to your building. Due to deregulation in the energy industry in several states, there are retail energy suppliers that are licensed to sell energy in the eligible utility’s territory, often at a lower rate. You can contact your local utility commission to see what energy suppliers service your area.
  2. What is the company’s history and reputation?
    Partnering with an energy supplier that has a proven history of stability is important. AEP Energy is a subsidiary of AEP, one of the largest electric utilities in the United Sates with over 100 years of industry experience. Also make sure to look into the company’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) ranking. Look for references from other companies who are customers or check out reviews on social media.
  3. Can the supplier accommodate your business’ needs?
    Does your business use natural gas? Electricity? Looking to start using renewable energy? Whatever your needs are, it’s important to make sure your energy supplier can meet all of them before you sign the contract.
  4. Look into other factors that affect price. Does the supplier offer an introductory rate? Are there additional fees? What’s the contract term?
    If an introductory rate sounds too good to be true, oftentimes it is. Some suppliers offer low introductory rates and then increase the price dramatically after a few months. Ask questions about what additional fees are going to be included in your bill each month. Suppliers don’t always disclose extra fees. Finally, make sure to choose wisely when selecting your contract term. Term length affects price, and if your supplier increased the price from your introductory rate, you could be stuck with a long-term, lengthy contract.
  5. What’s the supplier’s customer service like?
    Whether you have a question about your bill or are looking to switch energy plans, it’s important to have access to a team of customer service representatives that can help. AEP Energy also has a dedicated account management team that maintains your account after enrollment. Our team will make sure you’re kept in the loop about account renewals, AEP Energy news and other important updates.

Looking for an energy supplier that checks all of these boxes? AEP Energy supplies electricity and natural gas solutions for nearly 400,000 residential customers and business customers. We take pride in making it easy for customers to buy, manage and use energy. Call us at 888-763-0177 or request a quote to get started!

AEP Energy is a competitive retail electric service provider and a competitive retail natural gas service provider and an affiliate of Ohio Power Company (AEP Ohio).  AEP Energy is not soliciting on behalf of and is not an agent of AEP Ohio.