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Get To Know AEP Energy

October 01, 2019

AEP Energy. You know us as your trusted energy supplier, offering value to our customers with energy choice and renewable options and being part of the American Electric Power (AEP) family. But there’s so much more to us than just those qualities.


One of the goals of the entire company, from the CEO of AEP all the way down to each individual employee, is our desire to do the right thing every time, for every customer. A great customer experience is important to us. Being an ethical and transparent company matters to us as much as it does you.

Whether you’re a residential customer, small business owner, or have a large commercial or industrial business, our commitment to supporting you is boundless. AEP Energy is a U.S.- based company, which means we don’t outsource or use third party vendors for services like contact centers and field sales agents. It’s important to us that the people you’re in contact with are our employees who understand and adopt the mission, vision and values of the AEP family.

That’s just one of the reasons our contact center has a customer satisfaction rating of 96%. We have put in place a dedicated account management team for small business customers and commercial and industrial specific sales support for our larger friends. Each type of customer is different. Their support systems should be, too.


At AEP Energy, we treat our current customers the same way we treat those who are considering enrollment. It’s not just the new folks who get the best deals. Everyone has access to our competitive rates. And residential customers can enroll for the first time or renew on the same available offers.


If you live in a deregulated state, energy choice gives you the power to choose who provides your energy. AEP Energy prides ourselves in offering a variety of value options for our customers, including multiple term lengths, renewable energy plans, different billing options for all types of eligible customers and our online AEP Energy Reward Store, where residents can redeem earned Reward Dollars for energy-efficient and connected-home products.


Transparency is key to earning your trust. AEP Energy doesn’t charge hidden fees or cancellation fees. You know what is best for your home or business. Residential customers who aren’t satisfied with us have the option to leave at any time without penalties. And when it’s time for your enrollment period to come to an end, AEP Energy will notify you it’s about to expire. Because when it comes to utility bills, no one likes surprises.


We live where you live, and that’s important to us. Supporting our communities is something AEP Energy takes part in, in many ways. On a company level, we’re proud sponsors of some of our favorite local teams, like Columbus Clippers, Columbus Crew SC and The Ohio State University football, basketball, and hockey . On a more personal level, AEP Energy employees donate money, resources, time and effort to several local events, such as cleaning up parks on Earth Day, donating toys to children, supplying necessities to the homeless and to our veterans in need. Giving back benefits all of us. If you’re interested in joining the AEP Energy team, check out our available openings here.  We are always looking for new talent and would love to know what you can bring to the table.

AEP Energy is a competitive retail electric generation and natural gas service supplier and an affiliate of Ohio Power Company (AEP Ohio). AEP Energy is not soliciting on behalf of, endorsed by, acting on behalf of, and is not an agent of AEP Ohio, your electric distribution company, any governmental body, or consumer group. Electricity is the product of a mix of generation energy sources that is delivered over a system of wires. Customers do not need to purchase electric generation supply from AEP Energy in order to continue to receive regulated service from their utility. Switching to AEP Energy is not mandatory and you have the option of remaining with your local distribution company for basic generation service. AEP Energy’s Maryland license is IR-757. AEP Energy’s New Jersey license is ESL-1060.

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